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Mercedes left me this note in my phone’s history of all my saved things with Google docs. I love her too the moon and back.

I love you so much idiotIm very proud of all of your accomplishmentsKeep up the great workI know things get hard but know everything always works out for the bestIt’s always a storm before the rain keep your head up alwaysI love you so SOSOSOSOSOSO much She’s is in her final trimester and Lukah can’t […]

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Lukah Neal Spees

I still can’t believe I’m bout to be a Grandma! I’ve picked my chosen Grandma name which is gonna be GG. I was blessed when I came home from work Tuesday, because when I walked into my bedroom, they’re lay my beautiful daughter, Mercedes Marie. She asked me to bring her some gravy from breakfast, […]


My Future Grandson Lucah!

I’m was at first scared got her. But she handled it way better than i ever thought she would. Thank God. I was so worried she would get so depressed but she hasn’t been yet. Surprisingly. The daddy has been so confused. One minuet he’s okay and excepting, the next he’s in denial and don’t […]