Now to the End of time!!!
As you can see the #NeverGiveUp, it applies very much so with my life. I was ALWAYS tripping myself up. Over and over again. Making one promise after another, and saying them all, each one, like I actually meant it. It was truthfully downright sickening how I truly was, just to get what I wanted. Chills…

About Us

Our Bc

I want to reach out and help anyone and everyone that needs it. When I went through all the dramatics in my life I really had no one to confide in that I could actually trust. That’s why I’m offering myself to people that need someone at the most critical times in their lives. If I had someone back then I could have talked to about it I may not have suffered so badly with depression and PTSD like I did. It was during the pregnancy of my second child when I was going through all of this. I feel like me reaching out, wanting to be there for people, is a way for me to offer someone else the hope and support they need to get through whatever it maybe they are going through, when I know first hand what it’s like to have no one at all. Being alone isn’t good or healthy for anyone. Especially when they really need another human being to offer them comfort and support. So that’s why I chose to create this site. Specifically for people. Like we ALL are. Take a chance. I will do everything I can to help. To be there to lift you up whether it be emotionally or spiritually. We all need someone! My team and I are excited about this and can’t wait to begin helping as much as we can. As soon as we can.

My face a mask of what I wanted certain people to see. Others to really know. Exactly the real me I knew I really was. Just couldn’t get right for a few years kind of thing. Stunted growth! I only wish to blame it on that. When it was honestly me. Hardheaded. Most undoubtedly. You’ll learn that and everything that came with what I learned from or was able to share with someone else. as lessons throughout certain mistakes that wove up right until it happened. Then throughout it. Until now. Now this is a take off. Of what to come exactly, I don’t know. All I know is I’m supposed to help.


What People Say

The generosity of this organization makes it possible for me to continue having education opportunities in this difficult area.

Jane Doe

Wonderful job with those kids that need us and people from various places all over the world. I will definitely join your group as a volunteer.

John Doe

the animation in the background is a small collection of things i drew that also released a huge amount of stress. Help is right here on this site just waiting for you to join and start speaking to me. you don’t have to pour it all out at once. a little at a time is perfectly fine. i’m patiently waiting to talk with you soon.

TESTIMONIALS : (100% TRUE Story of Forgiveness)

Thanks for having faith in me and giving me complete trust, and a second chance at the friendship thing!! To a new beginning. Taking it One Day at A Time!!!

Welcome to Tina’s display of “MY” Emotons turned visual.” How I depict them I guess. Because that’s where they really come from, my heart. Not only are these pictures emotons drawn out for me, but something that I personally felt on my own. Experienced frst hand to be able to create such art in the first place. Nerves are ramped up and I’m super excited with just these few updates.

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