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Mercedes left me this note in my phone’s history of all my saved things with Google docs. I love her too the moon and back.

I love you so much idiotIm very proud of all of your accomplishmentsKeep up the great workI know things get hard but know everything always works out for the bestIt’s always a storm before the rain keep your head up alwaysI love you so SOSOSOSOSOSO much She’s is in her final trimester and Lukah can’t […]

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Lukah Neal Spees

I still can’t believe I’m bout to be a Grandma! I’ve picked my chosen Grandma name which is gonna be GG. I was blessed when I came home from work Tuesday, because when I walked into my bedroom, they’re lay my beautiful daughter, Mercedes Marie. She asked me to bring her some gravy from breakfast, […]

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My Own Testimony, Finally Written

This is probably my thousandth time trying to write this all out and in the proper order of how things actually happened. Please bear with me as I try and tell you the story of my trials and tribulations throughout this entire ordeal. Many praise and thanks to the “Great Lord” above. Without Him, I’d […]

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Sometimes it’s like I just don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. I mean I’m not sad or like majorly depressed, but for some reason today I don’t quite feel normal either. At work right now so I’ll try and remember to post later. So here I am updating this post. I’ve actually been feeling […]

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Miss You Much

Missing in Action

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iOMG!! I have somehow managed to figure out how to finally fucking get to where I could post on this ol’ dusty ass chromebook model. Not hating on it what-so-ever. ABSOLUELTELY NOT!! I’m now having a coughing fit as a result of me having been sick this past week. So I have to stop for […]

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Real Quick

Hey my fellow bloggers and writers of the world. My birthday is Wednesday and I’ll be 39 yrs old. I can’t believe I’m gonna be a grandma and not even in my 40’s yet. I sure could use a few pointers from experienced grandma’s out there. I just know I told my daughter I would […]

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Here We Go Again…so emo rn…

I’m off to advancing my site again. Also with my writing again. I read almost everyone’s blog when they post everyday. I try to at least. It makes me jealous as a mf that I can’t perform the way I know I can, on a daily basis, which is how I started off in the […]

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Me working on the 4th…

So now that I‘m back to posting I figured I’d throw this out there for you guys. I’ve spoken to like 3-4 people, and have explained to at least almost 20 others about what my site is about and what I’m trying to achieve with it. I was so stoked when I got off work […]

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Happy Independence Day

I’m at work right now wishing everyone I possibly can a happy and safe 4th if July. This is the first big post I’ve made in a while. I haven’t had access to my laptop or device that I could get my hands on to make one, added with the fact that I’m suffering from […]