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Here We Go Again…so emo rn…

I’m off to advancing my site again. Also with my writing again. I read almost everyone’s blog when they post everyday. I try to at least. It makes me jealous as a mf that I can’t perform the way I know I can, on a daily basis, which is how I started off in the […]

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Me working on the 4th…

So now that I‘m back to posting I figured I’d throw this out there for you guys. I’ve spoken to like 3-4 people, and have explained to at least almost 20 others about what my site is about and what I’m trying to achieve with it. I was so stoked when I got off work […]

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Happy Independence Day

I’m at work right now wishing everyone I possibly can a happy and safe 4th if July. This is the first big post I’ve made in a while. I haven’t had access to my laptop or device that I could get my hands on to make one, added with the fact that I’m suffering from […]