Another Day, Another $$$$

When I say we were BUSY yeserday morning, that doesn’t even touch it. I arrived at 6 am and then the 7 am person came in and from then until a little after 1 pm we we’re non-stop. I asked to know what the sales for breakfast were but the shift manager didn’t know. I’m gonna say it was at least $2,500-$3,000. We have our lobbies open now so a lot of people that would just normally go through the drive-thru, came in instead. It was hard for everyone to get their breaks as scheduled too. I didn’t get mine until 10 am an usually that’s what time I’m clocking back in from it. I even sat and watched the steady stream of cars rolling through. Ooh, we all got aggrivated so bad because it was like evry other car was placing an order for at 10 biscuits, sometimes even more. The poor biscuit maker was having trouble keeping up, and there were times we had to wait a few minutes on them to come out the oven. I did give props where it was due. To our much younger shift managers, I told them they did a good job of keeping their shit together, and not losing it because I know being that busy (which for real, we haven’t had that much buisness since I have been there and that’s been almost a year) was very stressful. Hell even on me it was. Especially when I couldn’t bump the order off the screen because I was waiting on bisuits.

I was never more grateful for the afternoon to roll around. I work the morning shift but I’d rather serve lunch. Sounds corny I know, but still. I got put on that sandwich so the other chick could go on her break and I picked up right where she was when she left the line. I was super proud of myself though. Not because I’m trying to brag. It’s a mental thing with me. Like I’m mentally proud of myself. Man because I had to try and train a new guy too. Things kept getting out of order and then I’d put it back in order. I know they didn’t expect or even know I could sling them orders out like I did. When I tell you guys I was on it. I was on it. See it’s only been a few months since my relapse. So when I set out to prove to them I was worth it and how hard of a worker I really am then I knew I’d be a shoe in. And I was you guys. Is it even aloud to brag on yourself though? Because if it is, well…”THEN IM BRAGGING”!! Bahaha!

I started there in August or September of last year and then had my relapse I think in like February or March, or those 2 months ran into one another. I know there’s a gap of about 2 1/2-3 wks, that I really can’t remember all of. That’s how bad it was. I was eating those Xanax like m&m’s I swear. I love them so much, but I’m so much better off the way I am right now. Being apart of life and actually seeing and watching it go by, instead of being asleep, nodded out with a cigarette in my hand burning a hole in my shirt. For real that’s exactly how everyone that knew me saw when they thought of me I know. Hell I mean, it WAS true. Now though. Shit! I’m so proud of my progress you guys. Popping pills used to be the only thing I was thinking when I opened my eyes in the morning until me head hit the pillow, bed, couch. Wherever I passed out at is where I stayed till the next day unless I woke up. Then I’d go to the bed. Nobody could ever wake me up, so I was left alone. They just figured “Fuck it” (sorry for the cuss word, but it was fitting for the bluntness of the truth).

Now though…

I’m as sober as I can possibly be & it’s all thanks God. Without Him it would never have been possible!!

By tallgirl07

I have always loved expressing myself through words. I have been a bookworm since I started reading I think. So expressing myself through writing has forever been super easy for me. Now if I could just teach everyone who didn't know how, how to read, then they'd be able to read all the fascinating literature out there. I'd go crazy if I couldn't curl up to a good book on a rainy day if I wanted to. I work with the public. So I was outside a couple days ago typing away on my 2nd hand chrome book, and a nice gentleman started conversation about how long it took to charge. I said not long for an older model. He said he knew, about the older model I was working with. I proceeded to tell him I was trying my hand at writing a book. He turned out to be an avid bookworm himself. He gave me nothing but encouragement to finish the book. I like to tell myself I can do anything. But we all know how some people should just stick to their profession, well I'm gonna keep trying. I won't stop until I know without a shadow of doubt I can't succeed. Then maybe I'll put my pencil down, or in my case now, close my chrome book for good. Something tells me I won't have to just yet though.

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