My 2 Days Off. What I wanted to do the most, is what I was distracted from doing!

I originally started this post either last night or very early this morning. Either way I’m finishing it now, lol. So the 2 days I had off were spent just chilling out and I wanted to do nothing but write about all of the things I wanted to get off my chest, or get advice on. One of the main things on my mind is my son. He has moved back in with us and has taken over my daughter’s old room. Before he was moved in there though he said, and I quote, “If I go in there and stay I’m going to feel stuck here”. I told him of course he wouldn’t be, and why would he think that? All me and his dad want to do is help him save money, (which by the way he sucks at doing). He’s now been with us wll ove a year and don’t even have $300 saved up. Yes. That’s what I just said. He gets pissy every payday because his dad makes him go to the ATM and get all his money and give it to dad so he can put it in the save with the little bit he does have saved up. He took him to our bedroom just the other day and had a talk with him about him starting to give him ALL the money from his check except for the basic essentials he may need. Plus supporting his own smoking habit. I found out he hadn’t gave my husband any money to save for the past 2-3 pay checks, and I was so livid. If you only knew how I spoiled my kids. I know I don’t need to do it. But I really think it’s too late with him. He’ll be 21 yrs old this December but he still has so much to learn about life and having to save his money, and put back for his bills, rent, gas money, you get the just of what I’m saying. I even had a talk with him not too long ago. We were in my room talking over the peace pipe. So I asked him if he was afraid to move out and be on his own? He obviously he said no. Still though I pressed a little more. Next I asked him if he was still gonna need dad’s help with putting money back for his rent and his bills every month. I made it clear he’d be right back in the current situation if he didn’t. I don’t think he’s responsible enough to handle that on his own. Then he admitted it. I wasn’t shocked or dismayed. Why? Because I already knew. I know how he works, thinks and operates wat better than he think’s I do. OMG!! He loves to debate and argue about everything. I hate it so freaking much. How can he possibly act just like his biological father, when he wasn’t even raised around him or even with him? That baffles me beyond belief! I’m dead serious you guys. I’m planningf on having an intervention with him today. One of the main things we all have an ordeal with is that he never comes out of his room. Only to use the bathroom or eat. Oh, and work. I can count on both hands the number of times he has left my home and went to hang out with friends. Yeah! It’s like that! Also, since I have broken every promise I ever made to them both, I vowed not to ever do it again. I came out a brandnew person with an actual outlook on life I had traken a parenting class while I was still in county. I actually retained knowledge of some of the material we studied or went over. It’s working better than I ever thought it would. My son though? He is entirely his own person and you will never in your life meet anyone remotley like him. (Except biological genes) When I say he debates about everything, that’s exactly what I mean! He will make you want to grab him by his shoulders and just shake the shit out of him! Dead serios you guys. His X-Box is so much more important than being interactive with his own family. Not even his X-ZBox, technology period!!! He has to have either the game, his phone, or dammit something connected to the internet. I can’t take it anymore and I’m so frustrated about the whole situation he’s putting me in to have this talk with him. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but I’m afraid that it’s just gonna have to happen. Make him realize how he’s choosing to live his life while under our roof isn’t acceptable. He doesn’t interact or socialize with any of us. I mean he mainly talks to me and his siter when he does talk. With me it’s ALWAYS when I get home from work, go to my room, and sit down to pack my bowel amd smoke and relax. OH! That’ll bring him out of his room real quick especially if he hasn’t had any. I’m not lying either. He’s been using the hell out of me and I have been letting him do it. WTF!! My own kid has been getting over on me with me freaking knowing about it. Literally I have had that talk with myself. Swear it!! It just really mkaes me think what does he think about what he’s doing and how he’s always getting got onto for not getting enough sleep because oif him staying up playing his game. I have even been waking him up for work like I did when he was in school. Like we do for my daughter now.Almost through with my shift and I know whats coming and I’m not really looking forward to it. I’m totally open to suggestions. Later…

By tallgirl07

I have always loved expressing myself through words. I have been a bookworm since I started reading I think. So expressing myself through writing has forever been super easy for me. Now if I could just teach everyone who didn't know how, how to read, then they'd be able to read all the fascinating literature out there. I'd go crazy if I couldn't curl up to a good book on a rainy day if I wanted to. I work with the public. So I was outside a couple days ago typing away on my 2nd hand chrome book, and a nice gentleman started conversation about how long it took to charge. I said not long for an older model. He said he knew, about the older model I was working with. I proceeded to tell him I was trying my hand at writing a book. He turned out to be an avid bookworm himself. He gave me nothing but encouragement to finish the book. I like to tell myself I can do anything. But we all know how some people should just stick to their profession, well I'm gonna keep trying. I won't stop until I know without a shadow of doubt I can't succeed. Then maybe I'll put my pencil down, or in my case now, close my chrome book for good. Something tells me I won't have to just yet though.

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