I’ve been having these light headed spells off an on all day at work. Well I’m almost done with the prep I have to do an I got light headed again and felt I was about to pass out. So I dropped into a squatting position an put my head down until the feeling passed. I went to the office to ask if I could take my 10 min beak even though I usually don’t take one at all. I got permission so mI got my things an went out the back door. I went toward this little cavalier car that’s broke down in our parking lot but belongs to another manager that works here. The same manager that told me I could have that car for my son as a project car obviouslyu renigged and sold it out from under me to anotyher employee that works here. I wasn mad asf and didn’t understand why I couldn’t sit in it for my 10 min break when I was just in it on my 30 almosat 2 hours ago!! She yelled at me through the drive through window for me to take it up with Holly (said manager who supposedly gave me the car) because she sold it to her. Well I just sent her a very pissy voice message asking wtf!! Why would she do me that way. Now I have to go home ande tell my kid he can’t have the car anymore because the woman sold it out from under me. You don’t give or sell someone something/anything, and then turn around and give/sell the same exact object to another person, especially when she and I had already had the conversation!! Just when I thought my days were starting to look better I find this out today. The word “pissed off” don’t even come close to how I truly feel at this paticular moment, let me tell you.

I mean I’m not gonna fight her over it but I do plan on having a very detailed conversation with her about why she chose to let nan old bitter womsan get it. My son was actually looking forward to having his own little project an his vey own vehicle. I just woke up from a nap and I’m about to take my meds and go straight to bed. Im mentally exhausted and mentally drained, Real tired as we speak.Someone please reach out with even the slightest bit of advice. I/m open to all suiggestions.

By tallgirl07

I have always loved expressing myself through words. I have been a bookworm since I started reading I think. So expressing myself through writing has forever been super easy for me. Now if I could just teach everyone who didn't know how, how to read, then they'd be able to read all the fascinating literature out there. I'd go crazy if I couldn't curl up to a good book on a rainy day if I wanted to. I work with the public. So I was outside a couple days ago typing away on my 2nd hand chrome book, and a nice gentleman started conversation about how long it took to charge. I said not long for an older model. He said he knew, about the older model I was working with. I proceeded to tell him I was trying my hand at writing a book. He turned out to be an avid bookworm himself. He gave me nothing but encouragement to finish the book. I like to tell myself I can do anything. But we all know how some people should just stick to their profession, well I'm gonna keep trying. I won't stop until I know without a shadow of doubt I can't succeed. Then maybe I'll put my pencil down, or in my case now, close my chrome book for good. Something tells me I won't have to just yet though.

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