UGH!! I can’t win for losing

So as I’ve posted in some of the last few blogs, I’ve had the worst wk ever! “Flow” can leave any mf time she wants, jus sayin. I’m so sore all over my body because I promised BabyGirl (my dog) that I’d walk her in the backyard if she did a trick for me. She did it but I continued talking to my son who was outside with me. Well she started growling and barking at me trying to get my attention and I was like, “oh I forgot to take you out back. I’m sorry.” I unhooked her from where she was tied up at and set off towards the backyard. Well the handle to the leash slipped out my hand and she was so happy just to be in the grass she hadn’t the slightest clue I didn’t have hold of the handle. She was so freaking excited to be in the yard and she was running around in circles and marking her territory every where she possibly could. I finally got her to stop so I couod grab the leash. Her on the other hand wasn;t ready to stop running. So me being the spoiling type, I ran with hewr in circles or where ever she wanted to wonder to. Then the other day at work I couldn’t understand why was so damn sore. Then it dawned on me I ran with her all over our yard. That was why I was hurting so bad. Not my back either. Which is what I usually have problems with, but it was my legs and my knees. Especially when i had to bend or squat to get something. Oh man it was horrible.

Some of the ppl I worek with are young asf and are so immature and it pisses me off to the point where sometimes I just want to smack them and ask what tf is wrong with em. For some reason this months cycle has been the worst since I can ever remember. I know some of you are like eew gross. Well, try being in my shoes while on it. Talk about mood swings. OMG! I snapped on my son yesterday so bad. He’s supposed to be saving money out of every paycheck to go to him finding and moving into his own place. My husband told me he hasn’t put money towards getting his own place the last 3-4 checks. I’m, not gonna lie it made me upset. Why? Because I have been supporting his cigarette habit among other things just for that reason soley. The money he didn’t have to spend on cigs an othr things should have went toward his savings. Thats WHY I was doing it. Then I find out he’s not saved shit in almost 2 months mjust went all through me. I made him comew in my room, shut the door and he and I had a one on one. I hurt his feelings so bad that I made him cry. That made me feel like such shit man. I still hate myself for doing it but sometimes things just have to be done the hard way in order to get it into someone’s head that they are messing up and they need to get their head game back in place insyead of thinking only of his X-box and the ppl he calls friends online. Not saying they aren’t his friend just that he gets so consumed with his game it ovder takes his responsibilities. He’ll be 21 this year and still is acting like he’s 16. What do I do? He secludes himself in the room he staying in all day and doesn’t socially interact with anyone in the house at all. He’ll leave every now an then an go out with one of his female friends from work. Other than that he remains to himself. We hardly ever see him eat. (he does meat though so you know) He tends to wait when everyone (mom & dad) goes to bed before he’ll go raid the kitchen to get him something to eat. Plus I bring him food from my job almost everyday if not every other. I recieved a snap from him telling me how mentally unstable he is right now and how much money he owes several ppl. He’s complaining about having to pay some of his way through life but thats what being a grown up is about. Working to make money to have a place to live, paying yoiur bills, gas for his transpotation, rent, groceries, ect. Now he’s bitching and complaining about not having money left over to go out with his friends or to buy the newest release of any game he loves playing. You have to do without the small things in life to gain the bigger things you need first. He hates being an adult now and having to pay his way and not being able to blow his money o games or weed. I made him comne to my room so we could talk. I said I was sorry fior hurting his feelings the way I did but that was the only waqy I could get it in his head, and for him to snap out of whatever funk he’s in. Please keep me an my fam in you guys prayers. Thanks a bunch

By tallgirl07

I have always loved expressing myself through words. I have been a bookworm since I started reading I think. So expressing myself through writing has forever been super easy for me. Now if I could just teach everyone who didn't know how, how to read, then they'd be able to read all the fascinating literature out there. I'd go crazy if I couldn't curl up to a good book on a rainy day if I wanted to. I work with the public. So I was outside a couple days ago typing away on my 2nd hand chrome book, and a nice gentleman started conversation about how long it took to charge. I said not long for an older model. He said he knew, about the older model I was working with. I proceeded to tell him I was trying my hand at writing a book. He turned out to be an avid bookworm himself. He gave me nothing but encouragement to finish the book. I like to tell myself I can do anything. But we all know how some people should just stick to their profession, well I'm gonna keep trying. I won't stop until I know without a shadow of doubt I can't succeed. Then maybe I'll put my pencil down, or in my case now, close my chrome book for good. Something tells me I won't have to just yet though.

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